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Zaki Zughbi

Web Developer

Zaki Zughbi

Zaki Zughbi, president and founder of Lova Designs. He is an innovative, enthusiastic, and creative Web Developer with a true passion for Code.

He knew from his early years of childhood that he wanted to work in the field of technology. His genuine interest and ability to understand his clients’ complex array of ideas and translating them into functional code, resulting in unique, clean, yet attractive websites is what he does best.

What We Do

We, at Lova Designs, make high-quality, One-Of-A-Kind, informative, effective, responsive websites that reflect uniqueness and simplicity.
Our Team collaborates with our clients to accommodate their needs, tastefully design and customize an effectual website that will attract the attention of their targeted audience. We are a fully committed, enthusiastic, and responsible team with one goal in mind:
To Help Our Clients Give Their Best First Impression!

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Why Us

Most web builders offer general drag and drop templates, cut and paste designs to build ordinary websites for their customers. However, at Lova Designs, we collaborate with our clients to untangle their ideas, clarify their visions, and translate those into functional code and build their very own extraordinary website that is unique, attractive, responsive and with user friendly functionality.
We get it done on time and on friendly budget.
(Ask about our flex - payment - plan).

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